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Stakeholders Advisory & Validation Group

The stakeholders have to play a fundamental role within the project, not only as a source of requirements and experience, but also to verify and assess the effectiveness of the solutions proposed (technology, systems and organisation), developed and shown by demonstrators on several experimental sites.

For this purpose a Stakeholders Advisory & Validation Group (SA&VG) has been appointed for following the project over its entire life cycle (three years)

How the stakeholders are expected to contribute to Protectrail ?

SA&VG members are expected to contribute to the project development by:

  • sharing any real life experience they have and presenting their own requirements by answering questionnaires and agreeing to interviews, as well as by participating in workshops and open discussions;
  • contributing their own point of view and opinions on organisational aspects and the mutual involvement of all relevant subjects in order to provide a rapid and appropriate response to terrorism, vandalism and other criminal acts;
  • checking the documents released by the Protectrail partners and offering advice for improving their quality and the effectiveness of the solutions suggested;
  • verifying the goals of the demonstration phases and the demonstrators’ results.

What the stakeholders can expect to receive from Protectrail ?

Stakeholders who join the group will be able:

  • to participate in a European Group in which extensive experience and many opinions will be shared between members. Moreover, this group will bring together different subjects which will contribute to an global common view on security problems and solutions;
  • to access all documents classified as “Non-confidential” and participate, playing a fundamental role, in the demonstrator stages.

Categories of members and goals

The members of SA&VG, selected mainly from European countries but also open globally, will be grouped into three different categories:

  • Railway companies (infrastructure managers and railway undertakings)
  • Authorities involved in security (police, representatives of interior ministries, emergency management, etc.)
  • Industries suppliers of security solutions

The goals of the group will be:

  • to support the production, prioritisation and refinement of requirements and specifications;
  • to provide advice on and feedback to the Protectrail sub-projects SP3, SP4 and SP5, which aim to provide technological and organisational solutions for both infrastructure and trains and to demonstrate them on experimental sites.

Members of the SA&VG

- Transport companies : RFI, SNCF, ZSSK, PLK, TCDD, LITTRAIL, RZD, SNCB-Holding, CP, NRIC, Deutsche Bahn, RATP, Israel Railways, CER

- Authorities
MEDDTL Ministere en charge des transports (France), Service Publique Federal Mobilité et Transports (Belgium),TRANSEC Department for Transport (UK), RAILPOL(Europe), DG Move (Europe)

How to join the SA&VG ?

If you would like to join the Stakeholders Advisory and Validation Group, please send the form below to Giuseppe Boccassi (giuseppe.boccassi.prof288@ansaldo-sts.com), manager of the Protectrail sub-project SP2 and the work package WP2.7, which includes SA&VG.