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<p>The Railway-Industry Partnership for Integrated Security of Rail Transport.<br class='autobr' />
Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme).</p>

Protectrail enews

  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/401/article/protectrail-conference?page=news title="The European-funded Project, PROTECTRAIL, is holding its final conference on 27 and 28 May in Paris UIC HQ">The European-funded Project, PROTECTRAIL, is (...)
    from eNews Nr 401
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/387/article/protectrail-demonstration?page=news title="PROTECTRAIL demonstration">PROTECTRAIL demonstration
    from eNews Nr 387
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/377/article/european-commission-3rd-meeting-of?page=news title="European Commission 3rd Meeting of the Land Transport Security Expert Group (LANDSEC)">European Commission 3rd Meeting of the Land (...)
    from eNews Nr 377
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