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PROTECTRAIL exhibition at the 9th UIC world security congress


On 13 and 14 November 2013, a PROTECTRAIL stand was set up for the 9th UIC world security congress in Paris UIC HQ, a two-day conference that brings together security stakeholders from all over the world. 170 delegates from 33 countries attended the event, representing the major players involved in rail and transport security issues: railway security managers, delegates from transport and police authorities, as well as representatives from international organisations, the rail supply industry, and universities.

After the final demonstration that was held in Zmigrod, Poland during the second week of October 2013, this stand was the opportunity to show one part of the supervision systems that were installed at the Zmigrod test site. The supervision system built was composed of three complementary supervisors: one dedicated to crisis management provided by Selex and the two others sharing the scenarios supervision, delivered by Thales Italy and Alstom.

During this two-day conference, Alstom installed their Integrated Security Manager (ISM) in the UIC meeting room in order to illustrate the integration of various security devices and the provision of common-share information, easy to understand and synchronised.


The demonstrator was composed of two servers, one dedicated to data acquisition and the other managing the video streams. A control desk allowed the security operator to manage the security of the site. As it was not possible to move the train, the depot or the gantry systems in UIC meeting room, a special simulation arrangement was prepared in order to show the running of the human-machine interface.
The demonstrator gave the opportunity to explain the principles of the Zmigrod tests and to give an idea of the scenarios management. Some videos showing the scenarios were presented on a separate screen.

In addition, a detailed presentation of the PROTECTRAIL demonstration was given by Carlo Dambra and Vito Siciliano from Ansaldo, project coordinator, during the 6th session of the congress dedicated to research and projects. He announced the organisation of a contest for demonstration of solutions for HPLI (High Probability Low Impact) events such as vandalisms (graffiti), trespassing, copper theft, “playing chicken”, etc. The objective is to propose innovative solutions (off-the-shelf only if never used in the railway context) that could be integrated using the PROTECTRAIL interoperability framework.