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  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/401/article/protectrail-conference?page=news title="The European-funded Project, PROTECTRAIL, is holding its final conference on 27 and 28 May in Paris UIC HQ">The European-funded Project, PROTECTRAIL, is (...)
    from eNews Nr 401
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/387/article/protectrail-demonstration?page=news title="PROTECTRAIL demonstration">PROTECTRAIL demonstration
    from eNews Nr 387
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/377/article/european-commission-3rd-meeting-of?page=news title="European Commission 3rd Meeting of the Land Transport Security Expert Group (LANDSEC)">European Commission 3rd Meeting of the Land (...)
    from eNews Nr 377
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/374/article/protectrail-exhibition-at-the-9th?page=news title="PROTECTRAIL exhibition at the 9th UIC World Security Congress">PROTECTRAIL exhibition at the 9th UIC World (...)
    from eNews Nr 374
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/374/article/uic-world-security-congress-paris?page=news title="Great success of the 9th UIC World Congress on Railway Security held in Paris">Great success of the 9th UIC World Congress on (...)
    from eNews Nr 374
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/369/article/protectrail-final-demonstration-4016?page=news title="PROTECTRAIL final demonstration held from 8 – 11 0ctober 2013 in Poland">PROTECTRAIL final demonstration held from 8 – 11 (...)
    from eNews Nr 369
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/367/article/uic-security-steering-committee-3947?page=news title="UIC Security Steering Committee (Paris, 23 September)">UIC Security Steering Committee (Paris, 23 (...)
    from eNews Nr 367
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/367/article/protectrail-final-demonstration-in?page=news title="PROTECTRAIL Final Demonstration in Zmigrod, Poland">PROTECTRAIL Final Demonstration in Zmigrod, (...)
    from eNews Nr 367
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/365/article/protectrail-final-demonstration?page=news title="PROTECTRAIL final demonstration will be held from 8 – 11 0ctober 2013 in Poland">PROTECTRAIL final demonstration will be held from (...)
    from eNews Nr 365
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/333/article/uic-security-platform-3464?page=news title="UIC Security Platform meeting">UIC Security Platform meeting
    from eNews Nr 333
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/330/article/2nd-protectrail-review-meeting?page=news title="2nd PROTECTRAIL review meeting held in UIC, Paris on 22 January 2013">2nd PROTECTRAIL review meeting held in UIC, Paris (...)
    from eNews Nr 330
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/320/article/protectrail-present-at-the?page=news title="PROTECTRAIL present at the Transport Security Expo 2012">PROTECTRAIL present at the Transport Security Expo (...)
    from eNews Nr 320
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/317/article/protectrail-mid-term-conference?page=news title="PROTECTRAIL mid-term conference held on 24 October 2012 in Bratislava">PROTECTRAIL mid-term conference held on 24 October (...)
    from eNews Nr 317
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/314/article/october-2012-security-events-in?page=news title="October 2012 security events in Bratislava – last few days to register!">October 2012 security events in Bratislava – last (...)
    from eNews Nr 314
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/310/article/nouvel-article-3162?page=news title="October 2012 Security events in Bratislava">October 2012 Security events in Bratislava
    from eNews Nr 310
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/310/article/innotrans?page=news title="The world’s railways meet at InnoTrans in Berlin">The world’s railways meet at InnoTrans in (...)
    from eNews Nr 310
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/308/article/protectrail-meeting-paris-4?page=news title="PROTECTRAIL: workshop on “crisis management and cooperation with police authorities” held at UIC in Paris on 4 September 2012">PROTECTRAIL: workshop on “crisis management and (...)
    from eNews Nr 308
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/295/article/uic-security-platform-new?page=news title="UIC Security Platform: New Technology working group and PROTECTRAIL joint workshop Rome, 31 May – 1 June 2012">UIC Security Platform: New Technology working (...)
    from eNews Nr 295
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/282/article/protectrail-2nd-workshop-of-the?page=news title="PROTECTRAIL 2nd workshop of the Stakeholders’ Advisory and Validation Group held on 6 March 2012 in Berlin">PROTECTRAIL 2nd workshop of the Stakeholders’ (...)
    from eNews Nr 282
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/270/article/protectrail-1rst-project-review?page=news title="PROTECTRAIL 1st Project Review held on 6 December 2011 at UIC HQ">PROTECTRAIL 1st Project Review held on 6 December (...)
    from eNews Nr 270
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/259/article/7th-world-congress-on-railway?page=news title="7th World Congress on Railway Security (Rome, 22-23 September)">7th World Congress on Railway Security (Rome, (...)
    from eNews Nr 259
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/238/article/european-research-project-1st?page=news title="European research project: First Protectrail info day">European research project: First Protectrail info (...)
    from eNews Nr 238
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/223/article/protectrail?page=news title="ProtectRail is on track">ProtectRail is on track
    from eNews Nr 223
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/220/article/protectrail-project-website?page=news title="ProtectRail project website launched at http://www.protectrail.eu">ProtectRail project website launched at http://www.prot
    from eNews Nr 220
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/205/article/successful-kick-off-meeting-of-the?page=news title="Successful kick-off meeting of the ProtectRail project “Integrated protection of rail transportation”: a Railway/Supply industry partnership for integrated security of rail transport (Paris, 5-7 October 2010)">Successful kick-off meeting of the ProtectRail (...)
    from eNews Nr 205
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/200/article/r-d-projects-involving-uic-will-be?page=news title="R&D projects involving UIC will be presented during InnoTrans, the International Exhibition Fair to be held in Berlin (20 - 24 September 2010)">R&D projects involving UIC will be presented (...)
    from eNews Nr 200
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/197/article/protectrail-project-the-railway?page=news title="Protectrail Project: The Railway-Industry Partnership for Integrated Security of Rail Transport">Protectrail Project: The Railway-Industry (...)
    from eNews Nr 197
  • https://uic.org/com/enews/nr/184/article/us-industrial-college-of-the-armed?page=news title="US Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF) visits UIC">US Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF) (...)
    from eNews Nr 184

Related events


On 19-21 September 2011 Security Research Conference 2011 Warsaw
From 22 to 23 September 2011 7th UIC Annual Security Congress Rome
From 3 to 4 November 2011 Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention Kingston University, London, UK


From 23 to 26 April 2012 TRA 2012 : Transport Research Arena 2012 Athens, Greece
From 24 to 26 April 2012 UIC ERTMS World conference Stockholm, Sweden
From 10 to 13 July 2012 8th world congress on high speed rail Philadelphie / Washington
From 18 to 21 September 2012 InnoTrans Berlin
on 24 October 2012 PROTECTRAIL Mid-term conference Bratislava, Slovakia
from 25 to 26 October 2012 8th UIC Annual Security Congress Bratislava, Slovakia
from 14 to 15 November 2012 Transport and Security Expo and Conference London, UK
from 28 to 29 November 2012 Rail CCTV Conference 2012 London, UK
on 12 December 2012 UIC general Assembly - High level round table on the future of rail and its big challenges in the decades to come Paris, France


From 26 to 30 May 2013 60th UITP World congress and exhibition Geneva, Switzerland
Summer 2013 Ferroworld Forum & Exhibition Geneva, Switzerland
14-15 November 2013 9th UIC Annual Security Congress Paris, France
from 19 to 22 November 2013 Milipol – Worldwide Exhibition of internal State security Paris, France
from 25 to 28 November 2013 10th WCRR - World Congress on Railway Research Sydney, Australia
16-17 October 2013 4th Next station Conference Moscow, Russia


14-17 April 2014 TRA 2014 : Transport Research Arena 2014 Pars La Défense, France
from 26 to 28 November 2014 10th UIC Annual Security Congress Lisbon, Portugal